Inspiring Women Create Inspired Girls

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It’s International Women’s Day. Today, we celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The women who have come before us and who continue to work every day toward equality have created a world that’s full of opportunity and possibility for young girls.

With the steps we’ve achieved, young girls can envision their lives like never before. They can look at boardrooms and see women seated at the table. They can see their moms and mentors balance a career and a family life. They can see women running for political office. They can see women standing up for their worth and saying “No” to sexual harassment. They can look at magazines and see women of all races and sizes.

These achievements have helped break down barriers to success and equality for women. At Rae’s Hope, we continue to break the cycle and empower at-risk girls to take charge of their lives and become productive members of their community.

The girls in South Dallas and surrounding communities we serve deserve the chance to be their best selves and have access to a supportive, positive environment. Through our volleyball programming and curricula, we aim to open better prospects for girls by working with them to prevent many of the ills that ultimately beset and derail their lives: teen pregnancy, drug abuse, truancy, dropping out, and gang activities.

The girls we serve are at a pivotal time in their lives and are assaulted by temptations, pressures, hostility, and indifference. While only a part, we play a vital role in modeling mindsets, decisions, and ultimately behaviors these girls need to break the cycle of alienation and marginalization that too often besiege their lives.

Having strong role models, celebrating success of women and creating avenues for opportunities helps build self-esteem, develop skills, foster a sense of worth, and the knowledge that you can succeed, if you will only try.



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