Guiding youth through adolescence to self-reliance is a “community” activity and goal.  We are most effective when we spark and maintain teamwork among, staff, volunteers, friends, the girls themselves, and of course, parents!

Too often, we’ve encountered parents who were not involved in their child’s life.  As a cornerstone of Rae’s Hope, we invite, encourage, and reinforce parents who engage with their children — because it is best for their long-term futures.

Parents participate by attending practice and showing the types of constructive behaviors Rae’s Hope fosters in the girls.  Many times this develops into active participation in sessions and trips. which not only helps Rae’s Hope operate and keep costs down, but it also again provides fine examples of team work, constructive life skills, and community service from the girls’ own parents and the parents of their friends.  So, parents are powerful teachers and guides.

Belonging to the Rae’s Hope community also means parents volunteer as reading mentors and event coordinators.

Closer to home, Rae’s Hope continues this emphasis by expecting parents to read with their child at least one hour a week, and to play a board game together at least one hour a week.  This is just a seed initiative that can grow into a richer, supportive relationship throughout the week and for the rest of their lives.

Rae’s Hope applauds all of our parents who contribute to their child’s development in these highly visible, and highly helpful ways.