About Rae’s Hope

Our Mission

Rae’s Hope’s mission is to empower at risk girls to take charge of their lives and become productive members of their community.

We are committed to increasing the number of girls that stay in school and do well academically, live healthy lives, achieve competency in critical life and financial skills, and contribute to their communities.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to guide at risk girls through adolescence to self-reliant and fulfilling lives.

To do this, Rae’s Hope builds long-term relationships with our participants and delivers programming relevant and effective in building personal skills for success.

An early pattern of persistence in the face of setbacks and eventual achievement to demanding standards in a constructive environment is both a defense against and an alternative to the epidemic of self-destructive behaviors such as gangs, drug use, teen pregnancy, and dropping out of school.

Through its Community Service efforts, Rae’s Hope also creates opportunities for at-risk youth to be donors/ contributors by  interacting with their community to promote family values, build social capital, and “Revive our Communities, One Child at a Time.”